🚀What's New

Sourcing Optimizer

Event Gating

Event organizers now have the ability to tailor the gating process according to their preferences, ensuring a seamless and secure participation process for bidders. In addition to the current Bid sheet gating, a more advanced double gating feature has been introduced. Event gating provides enhanced protection for sensitive data such as supporting documents, currency rates, discounts, and validation rules. When Event gating is selected as a response in an RFI question, Bidders are required to provide a response to access event information and documents.

Figure 1. Event Gating option

Unlock Event Gating

As an additional feature to Event Gating, we have now included an option for the purchaser to unlock Event Gating for specific Bidder organizations as required.

Scenario Visualizations

We have reintroduced Scenario Visualizations, allowing you to take your event data visualization to new heights, in real time. This feature allows you to craft and customize insightful visualizations to deliver actionable and relevant insights for your unique business needs. 

Round Deadline Notifications for Bidders via Email

We've improved the bidder experience by adding round deadline notifications to invitation emails. This enhancement aims to provide bidders with timely and crucial information about round deadlines, ensuring a smoother bidding process. Bidders can now plan their participation effectively and submit their bids on time without the need to log in to the platform.

Figure 2. Round deadline invitation via email

User Interface Update

We have redesigned the user flow for the Publish Page in Sourcing Optimizer by splitting the Validate and Publish buttons into distinct sections, emphasizing their consecutive nature. Furthermore, we've enhanced our error notifications: validation errors are now prominently marked in red, indicating the necessary corrections, while event warnings are highlighted in yellow, signalling the need for attention.

A (15).png
Figure 3. Publish Page new user interface

Figure 4. Publish Page previous user interface

🛠️Bug Fixes

Sourcing Optimizer 

Scenario Visualizations

An error occurred in Scenario Visualizations when Savings was selected as a filter where no savings data was present in an event.  We spent some time reconfiguring this feature in order to fix the error, and to ensure you have access to meaningful event data, in real time. 

Currency Conversion

When running a scenario based on a Purchaser defined column, Sourcing Optimizer defaulted to doing the conversion multiple times based on the number of bidders. This has been rectified and the total displayed on Evaluate is based correctly on the currency conversion.


We did an important update to improve performance for the bid sheet download. 

Event Gating

We've ironed out a few bugs that appeared in our Event Gating update, ensuring that your experience of this new feature is seamless. The Bid Sheet Gating and Event Gating columns now show the correct status on the Bidders menu when an event is not yet published.

Round Names

In the Bidder Analysis table on the Analyze menu, the name for each Round was labelled as "Event" and not the Round name. This has been fixed, and the Round name now shows for continuous auctions.