Bidder recommendation

Bidder Recommendation is a powerful tool designed to elevate competition and enhance sourcing results by providing valuable suggestions for complementary Bidders for your event. These recommendations result from applying an algorithm to historical bidding data to pinpoint potential Bidders. For an event, purchasers will receive a single recommendation, aligned with their event's specific list of imported Bidders, if a potentially relevant Bidder can be found to recommend.

The Bidder recommendations provided are algorithm-based and not influenced by Keelvar. The responsibility for accepting or declining Bidder recommendations lies with the purchaser, and Keelvar does not endorse or recommend specific decisions.

  1. Go to Invite > Bidders.
  2. On the Invitations tab, in the Bidders overview area, select Import bidders
  3. Mandatory: Select a file to upload, or drag and drop a file into the upload section in order to trigger new Bidder recommendations.
  4. Your table of uploaded Bidders appears in the Invitations tab. The Bidder recommendation card will also appear if a potentially relevant Bidder has been identified by the algorithm.
  5. Select View Recommendation, or Dismiss on the Bidder recommendation card.
  6. On clicking View recommendation, a confirmation modal will appear with a list of potential Bidder contacts. Select which contacts you would like to invite to your event and click Add bidder, or click Cancel. You may also add a recommended Bidder without contacts by selecting none of the contacts and clicking Add bidder.
  7. The recommended Bidders will appear at the bottom of the Bidders table, with a green icon to signify that this is the recommended Bidder. 

The Recommended bidders feature will only trigger upon uploading a file when importing Bidders.

image (43).png
Figure 1. Upload file to trigger Bidder recommendations

Figure 2. Bidder recommendation
Default Modal.png
Figure 3. Bidder recommendation contact list