Enabling RFI Scoring

RFI scoring helps purchasers identify and shortlist suppliers that align with their priorities and prerequisites, making the supplier selection process more efficient and effective. 

RFI Scoring is disabled by default and should be toggled on per event by the purchaser.

RFI Scoring

To enable RFI Scoring:

  1. Go to Design > RFI
  2. On the Settings page, toggle on the Question scoring on the RFI Scoring card.

Figure 1. RFI Scoring 

This activation also introduces a new page in the Evaluate menu, named RFI scoring, to facilitate the scoring process.

Figure 2. RFI Scoring page in the Evaluate menu

Question Scoring

Enabling the RFI Scoring feature allows purchasers to establish a scoring scale ranging from 0 to 100, which in turn sets the minimum and maximum values for scoring. The total score for each bidder will be shown on the bidder activity report, both online and offline

After you have toggled on Question scoring:

  1. Click Edit
  2. Define the minimum and maximum score that can be assigned to a response. The RFI scoring scale cannot exceed 100.
  3. Click Save changes

Figure 3. Enable Question scoring 

Question weights

By default, weights are set to zero and must be manually adjusted accordingly. The sum of all weights should equal 100%, triggering an error if they are less or more than 100%. 

To enable Question weights,

  1. Go to Design > RFI
  2. On the Settings page, toggle on the Question weights on the RFI Scoring tab
  3. Assign percentage weights used to calculate the total weighted score. 

Configure Question weights

Questions weights can be assigned individually online from the RFI page, or in bulk when downloading the RFI Download template.

To configure Question weights online:

  1. Go to Design > RFI > Questions
  2. Click Edit question on each of the RFI questions
  3. Adjust the weighting and click Save

Each question will automatically be scored according to the weight that has been assigned to it. When Question weights are toggled off, the RFI > Questions page remains the same

To learn more about RFI Scoring, take a look at our RFI Scoring Course in Keelvarsity. Please log in to Keelvarsity to access the course via the link.

Automatic Scoring

Automatic Scoring is a feature that allows users to assign scores to different types of question responses, including:

  • Single choice: Enter the responses to the Request for Information (RFI) question and assign a score.
  • Multiple choice: Enter the responses to the RFI and assign a score for each response. If a Bidder selects multiple answers, the scores will be combined to the maximum value within the chosen scale.
  • Numbers: Enter the responses to the RFI and assign values based on the selected range. If a Bidder's score does not fit within the chosen criteria, they will receive a predetermined fallback score.

To configure Automatic Scoring online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Design > RFI > Settings page
  2. Toggle on the Automatic Scoring option on the RFI Scoring card
  3. Adjust the weighting of the scores and click Save

Automatic Scoring is only available when RFI Scoring is enabled. By default, Automatic Scoring is turned off and also needs to be toggled on in order to activate this feature. Weighted scoring does not need to be enabled in order to use the Automatic Scoring feature.

On the RFI menu, you can individually enable or disable Automatic Scoring for each question from the Questions page. Scores cannot be outside of the defined scale and must be a whole number.

Automatic Scoring is not automatically calculated, and a user must click to Recalculate scores in order to receive a final result.

Figure 4. Individually enable or disable Automatic Scoring per question

Figure 5. Recalculate scores