January 2017 Release

This article summarizes the major features and enhancements introduced in the January 2017 release.

Support for Formula Attributes

Formula (calculated) attributes can now be added to the bid sheet. A formula attribute is a column where the values displayed are automatically calculated by the system, based on a formula entered by the user. When adding a column from the 'Bid Sheet Columns' screen (see the next section for information about this new screen), check the box 'Calculate values with a formula' to convert the column to a formula attribute (Figure 1). Users can enter a formula using the same functionality found on the 'Cost Calculation' screen.

Figure 1: Formula Attribute

On the bidder side, the columns with calculated values appear on both the online (Figure 2) and Excel (Figure 3) views.

Figure 2: Formula Attributes on the Bidder Side
Figure 3: Automatically Calculated Attributes in the Excel Bid Sheet

Bid Sheet Columns View

The process for adding and managing columns has changed in this release. From the 'Bid Sheet Design' screen, click 'Edit columns' to view a new screen that displays all the columns in a table format (Figure 4). User can now modify the column type, visibility, and other common settings directly from this screen.

To edit other settings for a column, click the 'Edit' button on the far right. To delete a column click the down arrow icon on the far right and select 'Delete column'.

The process of re-arranging the column order has been improved. Click the 'Arrange columns' button and then drag-and-drop a column to the correct position (or use the arrow keys on the far right), and then click 'Save changes'.

Click the 'Bid Sheet Design' link at the top left to return to the main screen.

Figure 4: Bid Sheet Columns

Updated Incumbency Screen

Specifying incumbents has been made easier in this release. Users can now download the list of lots and select the incumbents in Excel. The worksheet can be uploaded once the selections have been made. Furthermore, a column selector (icon to the left of 'Download' in Figure 5) can be used to display more details about the lot, such as category, location, etc. The downloaded Excel sheet will also display the selected columns.

Finally, filters are now available for the Lot ID column and the other selected columns. Simply type a value in the 'Filter...' cell below the column heading to filter on that value.

Figure 5: Updated 'Incumbency' Screen

Updated Online Bidding View

The bid sheet on the bidder side has the following changes:

  • An updated look that better delineates current feedback from the previous round feedback
  • The 'winning' icon is now a star instead of a trophy
  • A 'Successfully submitted bid.' message appears after every successful submission
  • Bidders can show/hide columns using the column selector on the top right
Figure 6: Updated Bid Sheet on Bidder Side

Other Enhancements

  • Enhanced bundles creation on the bidder side - the bidder can now create the bundle and associated discount(s) on one screen rather than two
  • Character countdown when entering an RFI question (e.g., "208 characters remaining")
  • Users can now upload a list of bidders while an event is paused
  • New bid analysis chart: from the 'Bid Analysis' screen, click on the 'Round Chart' tab to view a graphical representation of the bid data. Users can view - for the selected lots and suppliers - a chart based on bid values, adjusted bid values, or the number of lots with bids.
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