April 2017 Release

This article summarizes the major features and enhancements introduced in the April 2017 release.

New Buyer and Bidder-Side Landing Pages

Both landing pages now show a more detailed status for each event (e.g., Round 2 closes in 2 days 5 hours), with realtime countdowns where applicable. They now also have pagination controls once the number of events exceeds 10. Additionally, users can filter on three states ('Active', 'Archived, and 'All') rather than just two ('Active' and 'All').

The bidder side landing page displays event invitations in a separate section, with a prominent 'Accept' button next to each invitation.

See Figure 1 for an example of the new buyer-side landing page and Figure 2 for an example from the bidder side. Figure 3 displays an example of the new invitation section for bidders.

Figure 1: Example of New Buyer-Side Landing Page
Figure 2: Example of New Bidder-Side Landing Page
Figure 3: New Invitation Section on Bidder Side

New Process for Adding Buyer Organization Team Members

Users now add team members to an event by clicking the '+ Add team member' link located on the far left, below the event name. Then, the user can search for the team member using his or her email address. Finally, the role names have been changed to make them more descriptive. 'Admin, 'Editor', and 'Reviewer' replace 'Owner', 'Read/Write', and 'Read Only' respectively. Each role's permissions are now clearly stated below the role name (see Figure 4).

To remove a team member from an event, click on that team member's name and click the 'Remove from team' button in the resulting pop-up window.

Figure 4: Adding a Team Member on the Buyer Side

Bidder Status Report for both Invitations and Bids/Responses

From the 'Bidder Management' screen (under '[Step] 2. Invite'), users can now download a status report displaying the invitation status by bidder organization and contact name. It also displays the date and time stamp for each sent invitation, and informs users whether the primary contact at a bidder organization has added team members.

From the 'Bidder Activity' screen (under '[Step] 4. Bid'), users can now download a status report that displays the activity details found online plus additional information - including the number of downloads, failed bids, and the round number of the last successful bid (See Figures 5 and 6). This Excel-based report also includes the invitation status report as a separate worksheet.

Figure 5: New 'Download Report' Option on Bidder Activity Section
Figure 6: Bidder Activity Report in Microsoft Excel

Simplified Process for Adding Bidder Organization Team Members

The process of adding team members on the bidder side has been significantly improved. Previously, the primary contact had to first add the team member to the bidder organization and then assign him or her to an event. Now, all the primary contact has to do is enter the team member's name and email address at the event level, as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7: Add Team Member on Bidder Side

Offline Bidding Activity Log Redesign

The offline bidding activity log has been redesigned to make it more informative and easier to read (Figure 8).

Figure 8: Offline Bidding Activity Log

Other Enhancements

  • Failed invitation emails (hard or soft bounce) now show a ‘Delivery Failed’ status (see Figure 9)
  • Improved performance when resuming an event after pausing
  • Improved performance of the incumbency sheet upload
  • Added tooltips to inform bidders when mandatory and/or gating questions haven’t been answered and they can't access the bid sheet
  • Updated pagination controls to make them more concise (see Figure 10)
  • Ability to add purchaser-entered columns to reports: From the 'Bid Sheet Design' screen, click 'Edit columns', and then click on the star icon to the left of each purchaser-entered column you'd like to add (Figure 10)
Figure 9: 'Delivery Failed' Invitation Status Due to Email Bounce
Figure 10: Add Columns to Reports by Starring Them and Updated Pagination Control
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