Bid: Blocking Bidders

Block Bidders

If necessary, you can block bidders from participating in the event or just give them read only access (for RFQ events). Access the following options by navigating to the "Bid" section (Step 4) on the left navigation pane and select the "Bidders" view. Select the drop down arrow in the 'Actions' column next to a bidder and clicking 'Block Bidder':

  • Block from event -The bidder will not be able to open the event and will not be able to see, receive invites or participate in subsequent rounds.
  • Read only access -The bidder will access to the event but will not able to submit something.
Block.PNGFigure 1: Available Blocking Actions


The 'Status' column will reflect the selected blocking action for that bidder (e.g., 'Access blocked'). Blocking a bidder will not cause the bids to be lost.


Figure 2: The status shown when bidders are blocked or read only access


You can always unblock a blocked bidder by clicking the down arrow in the 'Actions' column next to a bidder and clicking 'Unblock bidder', as shown below:

Figure 3: Unblocking a bidder



Animation 1: Blocking and unblocking a bidder

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