June 2017 release

This article summarizes the major features and enhancements introduced in the June 2017 release. 


Set a maximum price over groupings of lots 

Purchasers can now set a maximum price that a bidder can submit for a group of lots. The groups and the maximum price per group can be defined in bid sheet columns. Once added in the bid sheet, the bidding restriction can be quickly configured by selecting the group column and the maximum price column. With this feature, a bidder will have their bid rejected if they exceed the maximum price for a group of lots.



Exclude bids from evaluations and feedback 

We have added a flexible and powerful mechanism to exclude bids from feedback and scenario analysis. Outlier bids that would otherwise skew analysis and/or feedback can now be excluded. Ineligible bids or bidders can be excluded without the need to delete any bid data. The bid exclusion functionality can be accessed from the Bidding Management view.


A spreadsheet can be downloaded to specify the exclusion offline. Once complete, the excel file can be uploaded to inform the system which bids to exclude from scenario analysis or feedback.


Lot context columns added to excel download

The excel download to allow configuration of lot visibility and supplier bonus/malus has additional lot context columns added. Simply select the column that helps describe a lot (Screen_Shot_2017-06-14_at_18.07.45.png) and the column will be added to the bidder configuration downloaded excel file.


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