Fixing Partial Bid Errors

Partial Bids

Figure 1: Example of Partial Bid Error

 A “Partial Bid” error indicates that you have not filled in all the yellow shaded mandatory cells for a row. Partial bids can be located in the bid sheet by filtering on the first column (Complete Bid column) on “No”.

To submit a complete bid, all mandatory yellow shaded cells need to be completed. A mandatory cell is indicated by an asterisk (*). In the figure below, the "Rate per Trip (USD)" is a mandatory column as shows below:

Figure 2: Example of Partial Bid Error

In the example above, we can see that the first 2 lanes have complete bids as the mandatory yellow shaded cells have been filled in.

However, we can see that we have an partial bid on the third lane as indicated in the first column. This supplier has not filled in the mandatory yellow shaded cell and has only filled in the optional cell. To complete this bid, the supplier will need to fill in the mandatory cell.

If the supplier is not interested in placing a price on the lane, they should leave all the yellow shaded cells blank, as they have done on the fourth Lane.

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