November 2017 release

The Keelvar team are excited to bring you in-application messaging as part of our November release. Read more details below.


We are pleased to release a new in-application messaging feature. Messaging is enabled by default to allow for secure two way communication between the purchasing organisation and a bidding organisation. You can turn messaging off for an event or decide to only allow one way communication where the purchasing organisation is able to send messages but bidding organisations cannot respond.z1.png

A purchaser can decide to send broadcast messages to multiple bidding organisations or direct messages to a single bidding organisation. In broadcast mode, simply select all bidders or a subset that you would like to message. Alternatively, select the direct channel for a particular bidder to restrict communication to that bidding organisation. The full communication history to and from a bidder can be viewed in their direct message channel. Messaging is designed with security in mind, removing the dangers of some email communication.



Application and email notifications have been added so you don't miss any messages. While logged in you will see a bell icon in the title bar. Clicking on a notification in the bell drop down will link you to the message view for that event.


If you are not logged in, we will send you an email notification to let you know that you have unread messages. Clicking on the "View Message" button in the email will link you into the Message view for that event.



You can configure how frequently you want to be notified by email. The default is to send an "Hourly Summary" for messages that you have not already been notified about. However, you can change that to "Individual" for near immediate notifications, to "Daily Summary" or indeed to "None" if you do not want to receive email notifications. The new settings can be accessed in your Account Settings.




Event contact details

When creating new events you now have the option to include a contact name and email address. Bidders will be able to view this in the online overview and also in bid sheet downloads. This allows for clearer channels of communication across your event. You also have the option to leave it blank.


For the example name and email above, bidders will see the following when they open the event.


Alternative organisation name

You are now able to customise the organisation name for a particular event. This is ideal for large scale companies that need to run an event using a department or sub division name. Simply update the name as seen in the image below. Bidders will only be able to see this in correspondence and online view.



Bidder blocking

We have simplified blocking of bidders. The "Block from event" option will continue to block the bidder from accessing the event. The "Read only access" option allows you to block a bidder from bidding but continue to let them see the event in read only mode. Round announcement emails are not sent to any blocked bidder, but if enabled, message communication is possible with a blocked bidder.



Other enhancements

 - We have added to our AI import step to help inform you of cases where the AI has a degree of uncertainty on the import of a particular column. 
- We have made improvements to our Publish and Resume so larger events can be handled.
- It is no longer necessary to Pause an event to import the incumbency Excel file.
- We have fixed a number of bugs.

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