Invite: Messaging

This page can be used to set up communication with the bidders through the in-app messaging feature. 

Purchasers can send messages to bidding organization individually, or broadcast a message to all bidding organizations.

Messaging can be set up in 3 different methods via the overview page on the design tab (Figure 1):

  • Off: The Messaging feature is disabled.
  • One Way: The purchasing organization is able to send messages but bidding organisations cannot respond.
  • Two Way: The bidding organizations are able to respond and send messages back to the purchasing organization.
Figure 1: Messaging toggle to enable and disable messaging via the "Overview" tab.

The full communication history to and from a bidder can be viewed in their direct message channel        (Figure 2 below):

Figure 2: Message history viewed in bidders channel

A purchaser can broadcast messages to multiple bidding organisations. In broadcast mode, simply select all bidders or a subset that you would like to message.

While logged in, you will be notified of any new messages by a "Bell Icon" in the title bar. Once you click on the bell icon, a drop down will link you to the message view for that event (Figure 3 below):

Figure 3: Bell Icon Notification

If you are not logged in, we will send you an email notification to let you know that you have unread messages. Clicking on the "View Message" button in the email will link you into the Message view for that event (Figure 4 below):

Figure 4: Email Notification 

 You can configure how frequently you want to be notified by email. The default is to send an "Hourly Summary" for messages that you have not already been notified about. However, you can change that to "Individual" for near immediate notifications, to "Daily Summary" or indeed to "None" if you do not want to receive email notifications. The new settings can be accessed in your Account Settings (Figure 5 below):

Figure 5: Notification Settings
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