[Closed] Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities

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Spectre and Meltdown critical security vulnerabilities were announced on January 3rd. They potentially impact all technology users in business organisations and in personal life. Keelvar reacted immediately to assess impacted systems and mitigate the risk of attack. Our cloud provider AWS, quickly mitigated the highest priority risk that Keelvar faced. Lower priority patching effort is ongoing as we await technology vendors to release security patches to fix or mitigate this issue. There is no known malware exploiting these vulnerabilities to date. The good news is that Keelvar is satisfied with the current level of mitigation and potential for attack to the extent that we believe no customer or personal data is at risk.

Keelvar encourages all our users to be aware of these vulnerabilities and ensure that personal and work devices are updated as soon as security patches become available.

Further detail on these vulnerabilities can be found here: https://spectreattack.com/


Update 2017-01-10: Patching of critical systems is now complete following release of Ubuntu kernel updates. 

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