Keelvar APIs

Keelvar offers a set of RESTful APIs that enable you to seamlessly integrate with their platform. These APIs provide the functionality to add, monitor, and export data to and from Keelvar. They are designed to be flexible and highly scalable, allowing you to connect with various upstream and downstream applications. With Keelvar's APIs, you can easily integrate their platform into your existing systems in a robust and user-friendly manner.

Whether you need to import data from external sources, export data for analysis, or monitor real-time updates, Keelvar's APIs provide the necessary tools to streamline your processes.

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Figure 1. Import and export API flow

Intake APIs

Intake APIs serve as the gateway for customers to seamlessly push data into our application. By leveraging these APIs, customers can effortlessly transmit relevant data, such as requirements, preferences, or information about goods and services, directly into our system. This streamlined approach accelerates the commencement of sourcing activities, enabling quicker turnaround times and enhancing the efficiency of our service offerings.

Sourcing event creation

The Sourcing Event Creation Intake API is a RESTful public API that offers customer organizations and developers a straightforward means to create sourcing events within Sourcing Optimizer. This API offers remarkable flexibility and expressiveness in configuring sourcing events. Whether you need to create simple RFIs or complex strategic tenders, the API empowers you to tailor event settings, bid sheet designs, line items, and supplier information to match your specific requirements, providing a truly customizable procurement experience.

Sourcing request creation

The Sourcing Request Creation Intake API is a RESTful public API that offers customer organizations and developers a straightforward means to create sourcing requests within our Autonomous Sourcing solution. These sourcing requests, once initiated through the API, are seamlessly picked up by sourcing bots and executed according to pre-configured sourcing workflows, ensuring a streamlined and efficient procurement process.

Export APIs

Export APIs permit our customers to effortlessly retrieve the outcomes of their tenders on demand. Through these APIs, customers can securely access results, including bid details and outcomes from scenario evaluation. This seamless access to tender data empowers customers to retrieve real-time information at their convenience, facilitating informed decision-making and enabling swift action based on the tender results.

Award data

The Award Data Export API allows the customer to effortlessly retrieve detailed information about winning bids from sourcing events or requests executed within a specified time frame. Details will include supplier information, bid details, costing, and share awarded. Note that this API will only support the transfer of winning bids and will not include data for events that are in an open or active state. The API supports a range of filtering options for precise data extraction.

Latest Bids data

The Bid Data Export API enables customers to retrieve a complete set of the latest bids from sourcing events and requests run by our Sourcing Optimizer and Autonomous Sourcing solutions. The data extracted contains information on bid values, the lot a bid was placed on, which supplier made specific bids, and when bids were placed or changed. This export also gives you control over what data is retrieved by allowing you to filter for bids made for a specific sourcing event or request, for bids in events and requests with a specific tag, and for bids made during a specific time period.


Keelvar uses API keys as the primary method for authentication, ensuring secure access to our services. This authentication method offers a robust layer of security, enabling us to effectively control access to our APIs while tracking usage and protecting sensitive data. Through our self-service API key generation feature, users experience streamlined onboarding and access management. This functionality not only expedites the integration process but also grants users the autonomy to create, monitor, and manage their unique API keys effortlessly.

Developer documentation

For further details, please consider our Developer Documentation.