Key Management

The Keelvar API utilizes API keys for authentication purposes. As part of this process, an API key is assigned to your organization. Multiple API keys can be assigned to each organization.

Access to key management is restricted to the owner of the organization.

Create a token

To create a new token:

  1. In Sourcing Optimizer, access user settings by clicking on your email in the top right
  2. Under Your Organization, select API Keys
  3. Select New token
  4. Create a name for your token
  5. Choose your Expiration time frame, and click Create
  6. Copy your token by selecting the copy icon
  7. Select the x button in the top right of the modal to exit

Copying key on creation: Once a key has been copied and the modal has been closed, the created key can no longer be accessed.

Figure 1. Select a New token from the API Keys menu

Figure 2. Copy the newly created token before exiting the modal

Revoke a token

To revoke a token:

  1. Select the trash can icon in the line of the token you would like to revoke
  2. Select Revoke, to permanently revoke the key

Revoking a token: This action is permanent, and once a token has been revoked it cannot be restored.

Figure 3. Permanently revoke a token 

Expiry Date

API keys remain valid until their expiration date or until they are revoked.