Split award

Manually award the share percentage for each winning supplier:

  1. On the Award card, select Manual award
  2. Select Empty award as a scenario type in the confirmation modal
  3. Click Select winners to manually enter the awarded share for the winning supplier for each item. If no share is to be awarded, click the Award no winner radio button Award no winner.
  4. A Total item cost card will reflect the total cost, and a Suppliers card will reflect the number of winning suppliers receiving an award share. Once the winners have been allocated a share, click Submit award
  5. Confirm the winning scenario by clicking Award

When the split share total does not match the total percentage, the percentage bar will be highlighted in red. Ensure that the split award total does not exceed 100%.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 101835.png
Figure 1. Split award by percentage

Figure 2. Split award does not match total percentage

To configure split awards, you must first enable the Split configuration setting