Conditional steps

Conditional steps allow you to leverage details of your request to direct or route the request through different steps or pathways in your workflow. 

See the formula configuration page for full details


The request is a single item request outlining some details such as the region, start and end date of a new project.

Project Name New Construction Project
Region East
Requires ISO Certification Yes
Minimum Insurance Amount 1,500,000
Start Date May 1st, 2025
End Date Dec 1st, 2025

Table 1: Sample request


The goal is to decide on whether or not this request requires approval and what level of approval is required. The request is said to require approval if the insurance amount is greater than 1 million and should be escalated to management if ISO certification is also required.


Here we want a conditional with 3 exit pathways e.g. “No Approval”, “Base Approval”, “Manager Approval”. In the case of “No Approval” we can head straight to bidding, in the case of “Base Approval” anyone in procurement can approve but in the case of “Manager Approval” the request gets routed to a smaller sub team of managers.


LIST.AVERAGE(REQUEST( “Minimum Insurance Amount”)) < 1000000,
"No Approval",

CONTAINS(REQUEST( “Requires ISO Certification”),  "Yes", 

"Manager Approval",
"Base Approval"