Supplier group tab

A Supplier group is the collection of Suppliers that will be available for Supplier Selection within your Bot. Supplier groups provide an opportunity to create enriched supplier profiles with additional information that can be used to provide more context in manual supplier selection and in some cases, leveraged for rule-based supplier selection.

For suppliers to be successfully added to a Supplier group, they must first have been added and uploaded to your supplier list.

Figure 1. Supplier group page

Supplier groups are configured using a downloadable Excel template.

The template features two sheets:

  • Adding the supplier organization and panel name for that organization
  • Adding the contacts from that organization.

For each supplier, you must populate the Organisation Name and  Panel Name, and you must include at least one contact in the Name and Email columns. Multiple contacts can be added for each supplier.

Figure 2. Supplier group details required for population 

Additionally, you can add Supplier group attributes to create richer supplier profiles to provide more context for manual supplier selection or for leveraging rule-based supplier filtering and selection.

Attributes can be used to include information such as:

  • Incumbency
  • Service regions
  • Qualification information 
  • Service level
  • Type of goods
Figure 3. Potential attributes within a Supplier group

Add a new Supplier group

To add a new Supplier group:

  1. On the Supplier group tab, upload your Supplier list by clicking Manage Supplier List and using the upload card on the right-hand side
  2. From the Supplier group tab, click +New Supplier group to add the Supplier group name and description
  3. After adding basic details, you can download the Supplier group template by selecting Download
  4. Open the template in Excel and add the Supplier details from your Supplier list
  5. Upload your Supplier group by clicking the newly created Supplier group, and using the upload card on the right-hand side 

Once a Bot has been published, users from your Organization will be able to view and select any supplier from the configured Supplier group.

Ensure that the organization name listed in the Supplier group matches the organization name in the supplier list.

Figure 4. Upload a Supplier group

Edit a Supplier group

After uploading a Supplier group, you can edit the Excel file offline by selecting Download to retrieve the most recent version of the Supplier group. The title and description of a Supplier group can be changed online by clicking Edit information. You can archive the Supplier group or view its history by clicking the actions icon.

The Supplier group tab is only available and accessible to users with Organization Owner and Standard User account roles.