Dataset tab

Datasets are used to expedite and ensure the accuracy of information inserted during the request creation stage. Datasets have a many-to-many relationship style with bots; one bot can use multiple Supplier groups and a Supplier group can be used by multiple bots.

Upload a dataset using an excel file. Datasets can be edited and added both offline and online.

To add a new dataset:

  1. Navigate to the Datasets tab on the Autonomous Sourcing page
  2. Select New dataset
  3. Name the dataset, and add a description if required
  4. Click Create
  5. Download the dataset template by selecting the Download button
  6. Populate the dataset template, and upload the Excel file
  7. Confirm or Discard the changes

After uploading a dataset, you can make edits to the Excel file offline by selecting Download to retrieve the most recent version of the dataset. You have the ability to modify rows and add columns, but renaming columns is not permitted. 

The title and description of a dataset can be changed online by clicking on Edit information. You can also archive the dataset or view its history by clicking on the actions icon. All archived datasets can be viewed from the main dataset tab by selecting the Show archived datasets radio button.

A (49).png
Figure 1. Dataset template upload

The Dataset tab is only available and accessible to users with Organization Owner and Standard User account roles.