Team member roles

You can only add a user as a team member for your event if they have a user account for your organization.

Event-level permissions relate to actions within events, such as bid sheet configuration, bid monitoring, and award management. These permissions are defined by your team member role, on a per-event basis. There are four types of team member roles.

  • Admin: The team member can view and edit the event, add new team members, and change team members’ roles.
  • Editor: The team member can view and edit the event.
  • Viewer: The team member can only view the event.
  • No access: The team member has no access to the event.

Table 2 lists the event-level permissions available for each team member role. The permissions for the No access role are not listed because a user with that role has no event permissions.

Table 2. Sourcing Optimizer team member permissions
Activity Admin Editor Viewer
Configure event Yes Yes View-only
Copy event Yes Yes No
Delete event Yes No No
Archive event Yes Yes No
Manage team Yes View-only View-only
Manage bid sheet Yes Yes View-only
Manage bidders Yes Yes View-only
Manage messaging Yes Yes View-only
Monitor bidding Yes Yes Yes
Surrogate bidding Yes Yes View-only
Scenario management Yes Yes View-only
Manage reports Yes Yes Yes
Manage awards Yes Yes View-only

For more information about configuring user roles for team members in an event, see Managing team members.