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Autonomous Sourcing

Bot Builder

At Keelvar, we’ve been working hard on some major changes and upgrades which we’re excited to roll out to Keelvar customers. All Keelvar customers get access to Autonomous Sourcing as part of their Keelvar solution. With this new product, you can automate the sourcing of simple, lower-value buying. Now, when you log in to Keelvar you will have access to Sourcing Optimizer and Autonomous Sourcing meaning you can source all spend types - ranging from strategic to tail - all from your Keelvar tool.

This exciting advancement with its self-service feature, enables users to streamline sourcing processes effortlessly. With the innovative Bot Builder, which requires no coding or support, users can swiftly create personalized automated workflows, saving time for strategic tasks. Whether starting from scratch or utilizing templates, customization is made easy, while integration with APIs allows seamless data intake and exportation.  

Figure 1. Bots tab overview

For a deeper look at our new Bot Builder, log into Keelvarsity and watch our February Webinar.

Keelvarsity Link

We've added a Keelvarsity support link to our Autonomous Sourcing page, giving you easier access to training and video tutorials. To access our training materials, a user must be logged into Keelvarsity before selecting any links.

Figure 2. Keelvarsity link

Sourcing Optimizer

Cost of Change

Introducing the Cost of Change feature—a practical tool designed to assist users in monitoring expenses tied to supplier transitions. Users can set constraints for better cost control and analyze potential savings by evaluating the cost of awarding a line item to a new or non-incumbent supplier. This enhancement facilitates more informed decision-making, effective risk management, and a clearer understanding of actual savings potential in various scenarios. The feature's adaptability allows users to link it to any bid sheet column, customizing the nature of the cost of change, whether static, bidder-defined, or formula-driven. Additionally, users have the autonomy to apply the cost as either fixed or variable, encouraging strategic decision-making in supplier transitions.

Figure 3. Cost of Change

Mark an event as a Test Event

If you already have an existing event and you want to switch it to a test event, you can do so by editing the event information on the Overview tab. Simply follow the instructions provided in the link to learn more about creating a test event and editing the event information.

Figure 4. Switching an event to a Test event

Mark an event as a Bot Template

When creating a standard RFQ event, users can now mark their event as a Bot Template. By enabling the Bot Template option, the event can be used as a template when creating a bot in Autonomous Sourcing.

Figure 5. Marking an event to be used as a bot template

Support Icon

We have enhanced our app navigation by including a support widget in both the header and footer sections. This update aims to provide a more convenient way for users to reach out to our support team. Articles from this support portal are now available directly from the app. 

image (63).png
Figure 6. Header support icon

Bidder Experience

Button Enhancement

We have implemented bidding enhancements aimed at improving and streamlining the clarity of the bid submission process. Bidders now benefit from a button enhancement facilitating easier bidding, whether online or offline, with updated options labeled as Bid Online and Bid Offline. This enhancement provides Bidders with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience when submitting their bids. 

Figure 7. Bid online and Bid offline button update

Enhanced Messaging for Download

We have made improvements to the messages that are displayed to Bidders when they download a bid sheet to make an offline bid. These clarifications are aimed at providing bidders with a clearer and more straightforward process for successfully downloading and uploading their bid sheets. 

A (63).png
Figure 8. Toggle off Bidder Recommendations

Bidder Recommendation

Suppliers can now choose to opt out of Bidder Recommendation.  The setting is on by default and can be adjusted in your account settings. 

A (63).png
Figure 9. Toggle off Bidder Recommendations

🛠️Bug Fixes

Sourcing Optimizer

The issue with the date format on the Bidder invite page has been resolved. Previously, the date format was inconsistent and varied depending on the start date. However, this inconsistency has been addressed and now all dates will be displayed in the same format. This update ensures a more uniform and user-friendly experience for bidders accessing the invite page.