Formula configuration

Lookup Functions

Lookup functions allow you to access attributes/columns of the bid panel and request data.

  • SUPPLIER("Column") - Returns the value for a column/attribute for a given supplier
  • REQUEST("Column") - Returns the list of values for a column across all items in a request

Requests can have multiple items and the lookups will return a list of values by default.

Comparison Functions

Comparison functions allow you to perform operations over the lookup values to match relevant suppliers to the details of your request.

  • CONTAINS(lookup function, value) - Returns True if the specified value is contained in the lookup response
  • INTERSECTION(lookup function, lookup function) - Returns True if there is overlap between the two lookup responses

In addition to the comparison operations above, the following mathematical operations are also supported.

  • Is equal (e.g. = )
  • Greater than (e.g. > )
  • Greater than or equal to (e.g. >= )
  • Less than (e.g. < )
  • Less than or equal to (e.g. <= )

Aggregation Functions

Aggregation functions can be applied to perform common numerical operations over a list of values. This is particularly relevant when dealing with multi item requests.

  • LIST.SUM(lookup_function) - Sums the values in a list
  • LIST.MAX(lookup_function) - Returns the max value in a list
  • LIST.MIN(lookup_function) - Returns the min value in a list
  • LIST.AVERAGE(lookup_function) - Sums the average/mean value in a list
  • LIST.COUNT(lookup_function) - Returns the number of values in a list

Chain Functions

Lookup and comparison functions can be chained to perform more advanced operations using AND and OR.

  • AND(function1, function2, ….) - Returns True if all functions are True
  • OR(function1, function2, ….) - Returns True if one or more functions are True