Create a Supplier list

The supplier list is a list of all suppliers that can be added to Supplier groups. Suppliers must be added to the supplier list before they can be added to the Supplier group. 

Supplier information includes:

  • Current organization
  • Organization name
  • Customer identifier

Figure 1. Supplier list template

Create a Supplier list

To add suppliers to the Supplier List, you must first download the Supplier List template, populate it with the suppliers you want available to be added to Supplier groups, and then re-upload the file.

To create a Supplier list template:

  1. On the Automation landing page, select the Supplier group tab
  2. Click Manage Supplier list
  3. Select Download to get the Supplier list template
  4. Open the template in Excel and complete each of the fields for the Suppliers 
  5. Save your completed Supplier list
image (69).png
Figure 2. Create a Supplier list

Ensure that the organization name listed in the Supplier group matches the organization name in the supplier list.