🚀What's New

General Updates

App Theme Update

We're excited to release our new branding across our app. These changes involve aligning the app with our Keelvar colors, creating a cohesive visual experience, and improving accessibility. Additionally, we improved the navigation in an event by highlighting the active step.

Figure 1. Brand colors within the app

Named Tags for Event Management

Organization owners can configure Named Tags to be defined by users when creating sourcing events. These can be mandatory or optional, ensuring consistent usage and data accuracy. Named Tags are prominently displayed in the event overview, making them more visible and accessible. If a named tag is deleted at the organization level, the associated values are automatically removed from previously tagged events, maintaining data consistency. 

Organization Owners can customize dropdown menus for tags by inputting text-based options for the dropdown menu, with support for up to 200 different values.

image (74).png
Figure 2. Tag Management

Sourcing Optimizer

Dutch Auctions

With this release, we added a new option to our auctions. Our Dutch Auction feature includes two types: Reverse Dutch Auction, which starts with a low price and gradually increases, and Forward Dutch Auction, which starts with a high price and gradually decreases. These options give users more flexibility to customize auctions based on their needs and goals. 

Figure 3. Dutch auction at event creation

Bidder Group Management

Purchasers can now create and update Bidder groups by uploading an Excel file. Additionally, the download feature enables quick access to bidder groups. In addition to the existing online creation of bidder groups, offline group creation helps to navigate analysis with a high number of Bidders.

Advanced Scenario Analysis

We've introduced Advanced Scenario settings, allowing users to define alternative solvers, maximum solving time, and optimality tolerance.

Figure 4. Advanced settings for toggle features rule

Autonomous Sourcing

Request List Enhancements 

We enhanced the Request List to provide important information about individual requests, making it easier to identify requests and provide users more control to manage the requesting activity.

  • Event Name Column: The Event Name Column update allows users to quickly find requests by easily identifying the event name used for communication with bidders.
  • Bidding Deadline Column: This feature allows users to easily see and sort the deadline for bidding on each request, making it easier to assess the urgency and make informed decisions.

Enhancing Bid Panel Download Naming Convention

We've implemented a small fix to improve the user experience when downloading bid panels. Now, when you download a bid panel from Autonomous Sourcing, the file will be named according to the bid panel's name, ensuring clarity and ease of identification. Previously, all downloaded bid panel files were titled Bid Panel, making it challenging to distinguish between multiple panels. With this update, each downloaded bid panel will now be named in alignment with its corresponding bid panel name within Autonomous Sourcing.

Bidder Updates

Introducing Bid Status Indicator for Bidders

Now, bidders can easily identify events they've bid on with a new bid icon badge placed next to the ellipsis button on the event row within the event list page. Additionally, we've introduced a new Bid status filter, offering enhanced filtering options to focus solely on events where bids have been placed.

🛠️Bug Fixes

Sourcing Optimizer

Cached Bids

Previously, users were unaware if the reports available for download contained the latest bid information. Now, with the implementation of a color-coded system, blue indicates that no new bids have been submitted, while yellow alerts users to the presence of new bids. This enhancement provides clearer visibility, ensuring users are aware when changes occur in the bids and prompting them to regenerate the report for up-to-date analysis.

Figure 5. No new bids submitted

Figure 6. New bids have been submitted