Advanced scenario settings

The advanced scenario settings offer users control over optimization, impacting solve times and solution quality.

Using these settings, you can 

  • Switch to an alternative solver. 
  • Define the maximum time to search for an optimal solution. 
  • Stop optimization within defined optimality tolerance.

Figure 1. Advanced settings for toggle features rule

These settings demand careful consideration. Adjustments will directly affect solution feasibility, solver time, and optimality. Only modify these parameters with a clear understanding of their implications.


The primary solver will provide the best performance for most optimization problems. However, different solvers are more adept at handling specific types of problems. In exceptional cases where the primary solver cannot find a solution, the alternative option might help. 

Please consider that different solvers may have varying performance characteristics and may better accommodate certain types of constraints leading to quicker solution times.

Time limit

The time limit setting allows you to set the maximum time to search for an optimal solution. At the time limit, we return the best solution found, if any.

You may need prompt feedback on potential awarding solutions in interactive decision-making processes. A time limit will allow for quicker identification of feasible solutions. However, by imposing a time limit, the solver may not have sufficient time to explore all potential solutions. This could lead to suboptimal or incomplete solutions, sacrificing solution quality for faster calculation.

Optimality tolerance

The optimality tolerance sets the acceptable level of deviation from the optimal solution. Setting the optimality tolerance allows the evaluation to stop early if a solution is found within an acceptable tolerance to optimality. 

Setting a tighter optimality tolerance (lower tolerance) leads to more accurate solutions closer to the optimal solution, but requires more time to compute. Conversely, a looser optimality tolerance (higher tolerance) allows faster solving time but may result in a solution that is further from the optimum.

Scenario status indication 

Icon Name Tool Tip

Not Evaluated Evaluate this scenario to view results

Evaluating Calculating results…

Optimal We have proven that this is the best solution for this scenario


Feasible This solution satisfies all scenario rules, but we could not prove that it was the best possible solution

Infeasible No solution exists that satisfies all scenario rules

Time Out The solver took too long to find a solution
Unexpected Error An unexpected error occurred while calculating results. For more information, contact Keelvar support