Accepting new Bidders to an event

A Bidder can forward event invitations to team members that have not been initially invited to bid on an event. 

When a user is invited by a Bidder, they must sign up with Keelvar. Once registered, the event will appear in the user's event invites section. However, the user will not be able to access the event until additional permissions are given.

An email notification will be sent to alert the Purchaser to the access request. The Purchaser must open the event and accept or reject access. 

To access event invitations:

  1. Navigate to Bidders on the Invite menu
  2. Select the Invitations card
  3. To accept a Bidder request, click Accept. To deny a request, click Reject

Requests can be accepted in bulk by selecting the radio button next to each Bidder name and then choosing Accept.

If an invited Bidder has accessed an event, they can add a new Bidder directly without the new Bidder requiring access approval from the Purchaser.

Figure 1. Invitation list

Figure 2. Bulk accept, reject, delete or invite Bidders