Incomplete Coverage

Incomplete coverage may be necessary in a scenario where an additional rule or configuration prevents the awarding of as many lots as possible. For example, if a rule limits the number of winners, making it impossible for Keelvar to fully or partially award any lots, Keelvar will display a message stating "Results cannot be calculated due to conflicting rules. Review the scenario rules and try again".

Incomplete coverage

To enable Incomplete coverage:

  1. Navigate to Evaluate > Scenarios
  2. Select Add a scenario
  3. Add the Toggle features rule
  4. Toggle on Incomplete coverage 

By enabling the Incomplete Coverage feature in the scenario rules under Toggle Features, Keelvar can award a scenario that may result in some lots not being fully awarded or not awarded at all.

Figure 1. Toggle on Incomplete coverage

Incomplete coverage penalty

In some situations, certain scenario rules may create a dilemma in choosing bidders with different coverage. In the following example, there is a lot group with 4 lots and 2 bidders, and the goal is to select only 1 winner:

  • Company A bid on lanes 1, 2, and 3 with a very high cost.
  • Company B bid only on lane 4 with a very low cost.

In this case, with incomplete coverage, Keelvar is likely to select Company B over Company A.

By using the Incomplete Coverage Penalty setting, you can determine whether Keelvar should prioritize coverage or low cost.

There are 3 levels of penalty:

  • Default: Keelvar may favor low-cost bids over coverage.
  • x10: Keelvar is biased toward coverage, but in some rare cases, a very low-cost offer may still be selected over coverage.
  • x100: Keelvar strongly favors coverage over low-cost offers.

By changing the Incomplete Coverage Penalty to x100, Keelvar would choose Company A.

Figure 2. Incomplete coverage penalty