🚀What's New

Sourcing Optimizer

Accepting new Bidders to an event

With the introduction of this new feature, Bidders now can forward event invitations to their team members who were not originally invited to bid on the event. For the team members to participate, they are required to sign up with Keelvar if they have not already done so. Once the team member has signed up, an email notification is automatically sent to the Purchaser, notifying them of the access request. The Purchaser can then review the request and decide whether to grant the team member access to the event. 

Figure 1. Invitation list

Incomplete coverage

We are excited to introduce the Incomplete Coverage option as a new feature. This option is designed to handle scenarios where certain rules or configurations prevent the awarding of all available lots. By enabling the Incomplete Coverage feature in the scenario rules, Keelvar can now award a scenario that might result in some lots not being fully awarded or not awarded at all. 

Create Bidder groups offline

Now you have the ability to create a Bidder group offline. This means that you can add a group name as a new column in the row labeled Group name. By updating the column headers within the Group Name row, you can change the name of a Bidder group. 

Figure 2. Create a Bidder group offline

Bid UUID column

In this release, we have made improvements to the raw bids report. We have added details about bidder lot associations, allowing users to easily track the UUID of these associations in both the raw bids and round lot bids tabs. A new column called "Bidder - Lot UUID" has been added to the raw bids tab after the "Sublot #" column, and to the round lot bids tab after the "Round Close" column. Additionally, the scenario analysis report now generates error-free, providing users with comprehensive insights. These updates result in improved accuracy and efficiency when working with bid data.

Autonomous Sourcing

Request list enhancement

We are excited to announce that we have enhanced our request list page. This enhancement includes the addition of several features that aim to improve the overall navigation experience on the page.

One of the notable changes is the transformation of bot names into bot icons. These icons not only add visual appeal to the page but also provide a more intuitive way to identify different bots. When you hover over a bot icon, a tooltip will appear, providing you with additional information about that particular bot.

Another improvement we have made is to the status column. Now, each status is accompanied by an icon, allowing for quicker recognition and understanding of the request's current state. This visual representation of the status adds clarity and makes it easier to scan through the list of requests.

In addition, we have merged the "Requested by" and "Requested on" columns into a single column called "Requestor." This consolidation streamlines the display of information and reduces clutter on the page. Now, you can easily identify who made the request and when it was made without having to scan multiple columns.

image (84).png
Figure 3. Enhanced request list

Improved messaging feature

Now users can send messages directly to Bidders from the Bid and Award steps. This new feature eliminates switching to Sourcing Optimizer to message Bidders, as there is now a direct link to the messages page. This link can be found on both the bid step and the award page. By clicking on the link, the messages page for that specific event in Sourcing Optimizer will open in a new tab. 

Figure 4. Messaging feature

Bidder Updates

Forward an event invitation

A Bidder can now invite team members who have not been initially invited to bid on an event in one of two ways. When a user receives an invitation from a Bidder, they will need to register (if not already registered) with Keelvar. After registering, the event will be visible in the user's event invites section. However, the user will not yet have access to the event until further permissions are granted by the purchaser, or via Add a Team Member by a directly invited team member who has access to the event.

Progress indicator

We have made an update to the Bidder view by adding a progress indicator in the banner. This progress indicator will now display the progress of the bidder's Request for Information (RFI), the number of bids they have submitted, and the timing of their last bid. 

RFI gating enhancement

This small enhancement provides Bidders with a clear indication of the number of questions they have answered out of the total questions that need to be answered. With this enhancement, as each question is answered, the question card will automatically update to display the list of questions that have been answered and those that still need to be answered. 

Figure 5. RFI gating enhancement

Event list filter

Bidders now have the capability to filter the events list page based on the status of the events. They can choose to view events that are open, running, or haven't started. Additionally, they can also filter events that are closed. 

Figure 6. Filter event status

General Updates

App UI update

We have made some adjustments to the appearance of our account settings to give it a more modern look that aligns with our current theme update. It is important to note that these changes are purely visual and do not affect the functionality of the settings.

Figure 7. Account settings

🛠️Bug Fixes

File upload

We encountered a minor problem with uploading files, causing a slower upload time. However, our team promptly resolved the issue. As a result, the processing time for file uploads has been improved.

Support widget

After making improvements to the position of our support widget, we observed that it was causing a problem on certain pages. We have addressed this issue by making adjustments to the widget's placement.