🚀What's New

General Updates

Cross event reporting

We are excited to introduce a new feature called Cross Event Reporting to improve how you use Keelvar. Our goal is to provide users with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and get the most out of the platform. We understand that tracking activities across different events can be difficult. With Cross Event Reporting, we are offering a simplified solution to easily monitor your sourcing history and gain valuable insights directly from your Keelvar dashboard.

Figure 1. Dashboard for cross event reporting

Improved error message

Previously, users without access to an event would see an error message indicating that their user account lacked permission or the link they used was potentially incorrect. The updated error message now prompts users to either log in with the correct user name or go back to their events page.

Figure 2. Event access error message

UI Enhancement

With our recent updates to team management, we identified that the search bar needed more space to enhance user experience. As a result, we have made adjustments to increase the size of the search bar.

Sourcing Optimizer

RFI gating questions

We have enhanced the way event gating questions are displayed for an RFI. Previously, the questions were displayed on different tabs based on their numbering. However, with the recent update, all questions will now be presented on a single tab. 

Autonomous Sourcing

Delete an unpublished bot

Users are now able to remove unpublished Bots that are still in their draft state and do not have any requests associated with them. Only the Bot owner has the permission to delete an unpublished bot. Once deleted, it will no longer be visible in the bots tab for any user, and recovery is not possible after deletion.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 154902.png
Figure 3. Delete an unpublished bot

Archive a request

Users now have the ability to archive a request directly from the request page. In the past, only draft requests could be removed by deleting them. This new feature enables users to archive a request once it has progressed into the published phase.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 154902.png
Figure 4. Archive a request

Supplier groups

We have renamed Bid Panels to Supplier Groups. This adjustment is intended to offer a more transparent and simplified term, enhancing its comprehensibility and usability.