Participating in an Event

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Account Setup

You will receive an invitation email to a bidding event. If this is the first time you're participating in an event for the buyer organization on Keelvar, you'll need to create an account. Click on the 'Create Account' button in the email, or alternatively copy-and-paste the link at the bottom into your browser, to access the account setup screen.

On the account setup screen, the following information is required:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Organization name

  • Timezone

Then, read and accept the Keelvar Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Finally, click the 'Register' button.

You’ll then get another email to verify your email address. Click the ‘Activate my Account’ button from that email. You’ll be prompted to create a password - enter it twice, and make sure to follow the on-screen password rules. Click ‘Log in’.

Event Invitation

If you already have an account, click the 'Log In and Accept Invitation' button in the email, or alternatively copy-and-paste the link at the bottom into your browser. Enter your email address and password and click 'Log In'.

If you forgot your password, click the 'Reset password' link, enter your email address, and click the 'Reset password' button. You'll then receive an email address with a link to reset your password.

Once you have logged in, you will see the invitations header at the top of the page showing a notifications that you have a pending invitation.

Click on the green 'Accept' button on the right to accept the invitation (Figure 1). If you do not want to participate then click the drop down arrow next to the 'Accept' icon and click 'Decline'.

Figure 1: Event Invitation Acceptance. Click on the above image to enlarge it


Click the 'Open' button next to the event name to enter the event. This page gives you the event details, such as the event open and close times, summary, and description. You'll also see a countdown clock at the top right of the screen (present on all pages), along with a guided tour window. Click 'Next' to start the guided tour of this page.

Questions (if enabled)

If there is an RFI, then you'll see a 'Questions' tab. Click on this tab to view and answer the RFI. At the top of the screen you'll see the status bar, displaying the number of questions answered out of the total.

To answer a question, click on 'Click to answer' and enter your response. Once you enter in your response, your answer is automatically saved in the system. If you wish to change or edit your response, simply click the your response (Figure 2). You may not see all the questions on the first page. Click on 'Next page' at the bottom left, if shown, to navigate to the next page of questions. Once done with the RFI, click on 'Bid sheet' at the bottom.

Figure 2: Answering a Question.  Click on the above image to enlarge it

Bid Sheet

Enter your bids on this page.

On the top right, you'll see that you're on page 1 of the bid sheet (Figure 3). Click on the next page number to see the next set of lots. Use the pagination controls to adjust what you see on-screen.

To enter data on-line, you must click the 'Enable bidding' button (Figure 3). This will allow you to either enter or edit values in the input cells (shaded in light yellow). Note that you must click 'Submit bids' for the entries to be saved.

Check the 'Status' column on the far left and ensure that all submitted bids display a green checkmark (valid bid). Cells highlighted in pink contain errors (e.g., text in a cell expecting a number). If there are errors, fix them and then click 'Submit bids' again.

Alternatively, you may have the option to download a bid sheet, complete it in either Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice, and then upload the completed file. This option is enabled if you see the 'Offline Bidding' button next to 'Enable bidding' (Figure 3). Click on the button and then select 'Download'.

Figure 3: Lot bids. Click on the above image to enlarge it

Bundles (if enabled)

From the 'Bundles' sheet you can "bundle", or group, a set of lots together. Then, you can either offer a discount on that bundle (if enabled), set a limit on that bundle (e.g., you can only supply N lots), or both.

Click 'Create bundle' and then:

  1. Give the bundle a descriptive name

  2. Click on each lot you'd like to add to the bundle

  3. Click 'Create bundle'

Also, click 'Edit' next to an existing bundle if you need to add or remove lots from a bundle. To remove a lot, click on the lot name so it's un-highlighted. To save your changes, click 'Update bundle'.

To delete a bundle, click 'Edit' next to the bundle name and then click 'Delete bundle'.

Discounts (if enabled)

You must first create bundles in the 'Bundles' sheet before applying discounts to them.

You will either have the option to enter discounts for volume awards or a discounted total value for each lot in a bundle:

  • Discounts for volume awards:

    1. Select a bundle

    2. Choose a criterion (either a minimum number of lots awarded or a minimum spend (turnover) amount)

    3. For the first tier, enter the minimum number of lots/spend

    4. Enter a discount value as a percentage

    5. Repeat the process for tiers 2 and 3, if required

  • Discounted total values for all-or-nothing awards:

    1. Click 'Enable bidding'

    2. Enter the discounted bid values for each lot in the bundle

    3. Click 'Submit discounts'

Capacity Limits (if enabled)

For each bundle, you'll have the opportunity to either enter a minimum number of lots, maximum number of lots, or both. Select a bundle, enter the limit(s), and then click 'Submit changes'.

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