January 2016 Release

In the January 2016 release, Keelvar has added capabilities to make the event creation process more efficient, introduced document sharing and added an RFI Analysis section.

Here are the details.

Event Supporting Documents 

It is now possible to attach documents to your event. You can upload your documents from the 'Overview' page, and add a comment/description per file.

Figure 1: Attach Documents

When bidders open the event, the 'Overview' page on their side will display the documents available for download.

Figure 2: Bidder Side - Event Supporting Documents

RFI Question Attachments

Attachments can now be added to an RFI question. This allows users to reference one or more files as part of a question.

Improved Event Upload

Importing your event data is now more efficient. Once your CSV file is uploaded, select a column that serves as the unique identifier, and Sourcing Optimizer will map all the other columns with one click.

Figure 3: Improved Data Mapping

You can review the mappings and use the 'View Attribute' option for an attribute to change its type, visibility or whether it's a mandatory or optional column.

Figure 4: View Attribute Option

Lot Design

The Lot Design view has been redesigned and now handles larger amounts of data. 

Figure 5: Lot Design

Time Duration Settings

Settings durations have been made easier to configure in minutes, hours, days and weeks. More sensible defaults have been set for RFQ and Auction events. 

Figure 6: Multiple Options for Setting Event Duration 

RFI Report And File Download

The new RFI Analysis section, under 'Analyze', provides a consolidated Excel download of all RFI responses. All file uploads as part of the responses can be download in a separate zip file.

Figure 7: RFI Analysis

Copy Bidders When Cloning Event

When cloning an event, users now have the option to copy the bidder list as well.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions; email us at support@keelvar.com.

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