Late February 2016 Release

In this release, Keelvar has introduced attribute-scoped rules for scenarios. For more information about this feature and other enhancements, please see below.

Bid Summary and Recent Actions

For events where only offline bidding is supported, bidders will now see on the Bid Sheet:

  • A 'Bid Summary' section displaying the number of successfully uploaded bids, bundles, and discounts
  • A 'Recent Actions' section displaying a list of actions conducted by a bidder on that screen along with a date and time stamp for each action
    Figure 1: 'Bid Summary' and 'Recent Actions' Sections on Bid Sheet

Numeric and Currency Attribute-Based Business Rules

 User can now utilize numeric and currency attributes in the following rules:

  • Minimum Attribute Across Bidders: For example, Bidders 1 and 2 must receive a minimum of 2,000 shipments; the system will determine the optimal split between the two
  • Maximum Attribute Across Bidders: For example, the 'New Providers' group must not receive more than 800 shipments
  • Minimum Attribute To Single Bidder: For example, each bidder must receive a minimum of 500 shipments
  • Maximum Attribute To Single Bidder: For example, each bidder must receive a maximum of 1,000 shipments

To access these rules, select 'Edit Rules' for a scenario and then scroll to the 'Advanced' section at the bottom of the page. Click 'Add' and then select the appropriate rule.

Figure 2: Example of Attribute-Based Business Rule

Mapped Attributes Hidden by Default

On the 'Lot Design' screen, when mapping 'Historical Price', 'Reserve Price', or any of the other available options to a column, it will automatically be hidden from bidders (a 'Hide mapped column from bidders' option now appears and is checked by default).

Figure 3: Mapped Column Automatically Hidden from Bidders
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