Adding Users

NOTE: Only users with the role 'Organization Owner' can add users.

After logging-into Keelvar, click on the down arrow button next to your e-mail address and select ‘Account Settings’.

Figure 1: 'Account Settings' Option

Next, click on ‘Users’ under ‘Your Organisation’.

Figure 2: 'Users' Option

In the ‘User Management’ section, either create users one-by-one by clicking the ‘Create User’ button and completing the details, or by clicking ‘Import Users’ and uploading a CSV file with the user details.

Creating List of Users in CSV File Format

To create a CSV file, use Microsoft Excel to create a new spreadsheet. Add a row for each user with the following details (one field per column): First Name, Last Name, User Role, Email Address

The CSV file should not contain column headings, just the user details as shown in this example:

Sarah Williams Organisation Owner
John Lawson Standard User
Figure 3: Sample Users

Once done, save the file in the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.

User Roles

The user roles are as follows:

  • Organisation Owner: can view all events, can add him/herself to events, can manage the organization details (default currency, default time zone), and can manage users.

  • Standard User: can create and manage events.

  • Restricted User: cannot create events; however, can be given event-specific permissions including ‘Owner’.

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