Adding Users

NOTE: Only users with the role 'Organization Owner' can add users.

After logging-into Keelvar, click on the down arrow button next to your e-mail address and select ‘Account Settings’.

Figure 1: 'Account Settings' Option

Next, click on ‘Users’ under ‘Your Organisation’.

Figure 2: 'Users' Option

In the ‘User Management’ section, either create users one-by-one by clicking the ‘Create User’ button and completing the details, or by clicking ‘Import Users’ and uploading a CSV file with the user details.

Creating List of Users in CSV File Format

To create a CSV file, use Microsoft Excel to create a new spreadsheet. Add a row for each user with the following details (one field per column): First Name, Last Name, User Role, Email Address

The CSV file should not contain column headings, just the user details as shown in this example:

Sarah Williams Organisation Owner
John Lawson Standard User
Figure 3: Sample Users

Once done, save the file in the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.

User Roles

The user roles are as follows:

  • Organisation Owner: can view all events, can add him/herself to events, can manage the organization details (default currency, default time zone), and can manage users.

  • Standard User: can create and manage events.

  • Restricted User: cannot create events; however, can be given event-specific permissions including ‘Owner’.

Go to your event on the home screen and click the blue '+Add Team Member" button (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Add team member to the event

Type in the users first name and last name (as you begin typing the users first name, the users full name will be presented as a drop down. Click the users name in the drop down and the rest of the information will auto populate). Select the appropriate role that user will have in the event (Figure 5) 

Figure 5: Select User to add to Event
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