Early February 2016 Release

In this release, Keelvar has significantly enhanced the offline bidding capabilities of the platform. Bidders will now see a completeness check, column filters, feedback information (if enabled), and the 'Overview' details in the offline bid sheet. Also, it is now possible to create gating questions that prevent bidders from accessing the bid sheet until they've answered these questions in the affirmative.

Here are the details.

Offline Only Bid Entry

Users can now elect to collect bids offline only. An option (see figure below) on the 'Event Settings' page allows users to collect bids either online, offline, or using both methods.

Figure 1: Bid Entry Option

If 'Offline' is selected, the 'Bid Sheet' page on the bidder side will appear as follows, with options to either download a bid sheet or upload completed bids.

Figure 2: Offline Bidding

Rejection of Negative and Zero Bids

Keelvar now automatically rejects bids that total either zero or negative in value (see figure below). A new option, 'Zero and negative bidding', on the 'Event Settings' screen is turned off by default. To allow zero and/or negative bids, turn this on.

Figure 3: Sample Error Messages Displayed to Bidders

Rejection of Partial Bids

A new option, 'Reject Partial Bids', if turned on (it's turned off by default), causes the platform to reject bids where all mandatory values haven't been entered. In the 'off' state, bidders can submit partial bids, but only bids where all cost function values are entered are considered valid.

Figure 4: Rejection of Partial Bid

Offline Bidding Enhancements

Bidders will see the following enhancements in the offline bid sheets:

  • 'Overview' worksheet - this provides similar information to what's found on the online 'Overview' page
    Figure 5: 'Overview' Sheet
  • Feedback columns - if enabled, information such as the 'Winning Status', 'Winning Value', and 'Winning Bid Value' are displayed as columns in the bid sheet
  • Column filtering - the header row has filters turned on to make it easier for bidders to focus on certain lots or lanes
  • Bid completeness check - This column checks that all mandatory bid values have been entered for a row; if so, it will display 'Yes' (complete). Otherwise, it will display 'No' if some mandatory values have been entered, and show a blank cell if no mandatory values have been entered.
Figure 6: Completeness Check, Feedback Columns, and Header Row Filter

RFI Question Gating

For questions that are of the response format 'Yes/No', users can enable bid sheet gating. This means that bidders cannot access the 'Bid Sheet' page unless they answer 'Yes' to the question. Since attachments can be added to a question, it's now possible to have bidders download and read, for example, a Terms & Conditions document and then click 'Yes' to acknowledge that they agree to the terms within it.

Figure 7: RFI Question Gating

Updated Bidding Activity View

This section now displays bid coverage (the number of lots which have bids as compared to the number of lots for which the bidder can place bids). Besides displaying this metric, a horizontal bar chart format has also been added. Finally, RFI question completeness is now shown along with the ability to sort by last bid (the default sort is by bidder name).

Figure 8: Enhanced Bidding Activity Section
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    Arnold Pritschet

    Thanks JP and Chetan for sharing these Release notes. We regard them as very professional and useful.



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