June 2016 Release

The major highlight of the June 2016 release is the ability for users to modify most event characteristics - such as adding lots, attributes, and bidders - even after the event has been published. This is accomplished by first pausing the event.

Read below for details on this feature and other enhancements.

Ability to Pause an Event and Make Changes After Publishing

Users can pause an event by either clicking the pause icon at the top of the navigation pane or by visiting the new 'Bidding Management' subtask under 'Bid' and clicking 'Pause Event' (Figure 1).

While an event is paused, the bidders will see the following message on all event screens: "The event is currently paused and bidding is inaccessible as a result. Bidding will become accessible again once the event resumes." From the 'All Events' screen, users will see a new status - 'Paused' - joining 'Draft', 'Open', and 'Closed'.

In this release, the user can make the following modifications while the event is paused:

  • Add lots
  • Add columns
  • Update lot values for attributes that are not part of the cost formula
  • Add and invite bidders
  • Add an RFI*
  • Update RFI questions*
  • Add secondary currencies and specify exchange rates
  • Modify exchange rates
  • Change lot visibility and bonus/malus values by bidder

*Users cannot create or modify gating questions once the event has been published

Figure 1: Users Can Now Pause an Event to Make Certain Changes

To resume an event immediately, users can either click the play icon at the top of the navigation pane or, from the 'Bidding Management' screen, click 'Resume Event'. To resume the event at a future date and time, users can check the 'Resume at a future date' option from the 'Bidding Management' screen, select that date and time, and then click 'Resume Event' (a countdown clock will then be displayed to users and bidders).

Note that, upon resuming the event or scheduling it to resume in the future, the event close date and time will automatically be extended by the amount of time the event was in a paused state. Use the 'Extend Bidding' button to edit the close date and time, if needed.

New Event Setting Allowing Bids to Increase from One Round to the Next

Users can now allow bidders to increase their bids from one round to the next by enabling the 'Bid Increase' option on the 'Event Settings' screen. For example, a second round bid of €120 when the first round bid is €110 for a lot would be accepted with this setting on.

Figure 2: Event Setting to Allow Bid Increases

New Option: Bidder Access to Bid Sheet Based on Answering All Mandatory Questions

Previously, bidders could access the bid sheet only after answering all mandatory RFI questions. Users now have the option to enforce the rule by checking the 'Prevent access to bid sheet until all mandatory questions are answered' option. If left unchecked (the default setting), bidders will be able to access the bid sheet without answering all mandatory questions - as long as any bid sheet gating questions have been answered as 'Yes'.

Figure 3: RFI Option to Prevent Bid Sheet Access Unless All Mandatory Questions Answered

Ability to Use Non-Numeric Attributes in If-Then Cost Formulas

It's now possible to create cost formulas that vary based on non-numeric attributes. For example, in the figure below, the cost formula is based on a text attribute called "Lot Type".

Figure 4: Create Cost Formulas That Vary Based on Non-Numeric Attribute Values

Ability to Block Bidders

From the 'Bidding Activity' screen, users can now block bidders from accessing the bid sheet and associated screens such as those for entering bundles and discounts. Bidders can be blocked at any time after the event is published, and the event does not have to be paused to conduct this action. Figure 5 shows the location of this feature.

Figure 5: Blocking a Bidder from Accessing the Bid Sheet

Once a bidder is blocked, an icon appears to the left of the bidder name (Figure 6). Users can un-block bidders at any time, and the event does not need to be paused.

Figure 6: Un-blocking a Bidder

Other Notable Changes

  • The options to extend a round and close a round early have been moved to the 'Bidding Management' screen from the 'Bidder Activity' screen.
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