April 2016 Release

The April 2016 release contains several usability improvements and enhanced feedback capabilities. Here are the highlights.

Ability to Upload RFI Questions

Users can now upload RFI questions in a CSV file format. All question attributes such as whether a question is mandatory and the response format can be specified in the file. Go to the 'RFI' step and click 'Import questions' to use this feature.

Ability to Specify an Event Date and Time

From the 'Overview' page, users can now specify a bidding end date and time using the date picker.

Figure 1: Specify Bidding End Date and Time

Options to Close a Round Early and Extend a Round

Users now have the option to extend a round, by picking a new round closing date and time, or close a round early. Previously, a round could only be closed early if all bidders had clicked 'I'm finished bidding'.

Figure 2: Options to Extend a Round and Close Round Early

Feedback Previously Exclusive to Auctions Now Available for RFQs

The following feedback options are now available for RFQs:

  • Evaluated Bid
  • Next Bid
  • Lot Rank
  • Traffic Light Feedback
  • Absolute Difference to Next Rank
  • Percentage Difference to Next Rank
  • Absolute Difference to First Rank
  • Percentage Difference to First Rank

Traffic Light Feedback Based on Proximity to the Lowest Bid

Users now have the option to either show traffic light feedback to bidders based on either their rank or their proximity (e.g., within 2% ) to the lowest bid (first rank). See the figure below.

Figure 3: Traffic Light Feedback Based on Proximity

Additional Functions and Operator for Cost Formula

The following functions have been added:


Also, the '<>' operator is now available for cost formulas. The following existing operators are now exposed in the user interface: >, <, =, <=, and >=.

Ability to Replace or Extend an Uploaded Lot Design

Users can now replace an uploaded lot design with updated information that's imported using the 'Re-upload' button on the "Upload' screen, rather than making the changes online. Furthermore, additional attributes (columns) and lots (rows) can be easily added by importing them.

Users Can Elect to Split a Lot Amongst Multiple Bidders

When the new 'Split Awards' option is enabled from the 'Event Settings' screen, Keelvar displays a 'Split Configuration' step (see figure below). From this screen, users can specify how they'd like to split a lot: Flexible Split (automatically split based on the optimal allocation plan), Single Award (lot will be awarded to one winner), and 'Split into N awards' where N is a number from 2 to 5. If a 'Split...' option is selected, the user can then specify the split (e.g., 50%, 30%, 20% when split into 3 awards).

Figure 4: Split Awards

Event Settings' Now Has 'On/Off' Buttons

New toggle buttons on the 'Event Settings' screen make the selections more clear.

Figure 5: Toggle Buttons on 'Event Settings' Screen

Two Factor Authentication

For enhanced security, two factor authentication can now be enabled. This will require users to enter a one use authentication code following normal login with their password. Two factor authentication is simple for a user to setup from their profile and in conjunction with a free smart phone application.

Figure 6: Set-up Two-Factor Authentication Using a Smart Phone Application

Following setup, each time the user logs on they will be requested to enter a one-time authentication code. The code is generated from the user's smartphone and provides a powerful additional level of security.

Figure 7: During Login, Type In the Authentication Code Generated By Your Smart Phone


  • Offline bid sheet has column heading row frozen by default (bidder can unfreeze)
  • Bid sheets are now password-protected to prevent bidders from changing the worksheet structure and causing bid upload errors. Please contact your primary Keelvar contact for the password.
  • The time until a round closes is now shown in the highest units possible (e.g., days and hours for events lasting several weeks) instead of always in minutes.
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