July 2016 Release

The July 2016 release adds further event flexibility enhancements and allows users to change the bid sheet name.

Additional Flexibility Features (While Event Paused)

Users can now perform the following actions while an event is paused:

  • Change the input type (e.g., Text to Number) for an RFI question as long as bidders haven't responded to that question
  • Update RFI question attachments
  • Place surrogate bids: A user can bid on behalf of a bidder by clicking 'Open' next to the bidder organization's name on the 'Bidder Activity' screen
  • Upload event data, including new columns with values. For example, a user can add an additional column, such as 'Historical Price', in the event data CSV file and upload it (Figure 1).
  • Modify currencies and exchange rates
Figure 1: Additional Flexibility Improvements Include Event Uploads While an Event is Paused

When Re-Opening Event, User Can Decide Whether to Change Due Date and Time

Users now have the option, when resuming a paused event, to automatically extend (default) or not extend the due date and time by the pause duration.

Figure 2: Option to Extend/Not Extend Event by the Pause Duration

Ability to Change Bid Worksheet Name

The 'Lot Design' substep under the 'Design' step has been renamed to 'Bid Sheet Design' to better reflect that screen's purpose. Also, on that screen, users can click on the default 'Bid Sheet' label and change it (Figure 3). The new label will appear both online, if online bidding is enabled, and in Excel, if offline bidding is enabled.

Figure 3: Rename 'Bid Sheet'
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