Design: Split Configuration

When the 'Split Awards' option is enabled from the 'Event Settings' screen, Sourcing Optimizer displays the 'Split Configuration' step. 

From this screen, users can specify how they'd like to split a lot: Flexible Split (automatically split based on the optimal allocation plan), Single Award (lot will be awarded to one winner), and 'Split into N awards' where N is a number from 2 to a maximum of 5. The maximum is based on the ‘Minimum Split Award’ setting under 'Split Awards' in 'Event Settings'. For example, a minimum split of 30% means that there can only be a maximum of 3 awards.

If a 'Split...' option is selected, the user can then specify the split (e.g., 50%, 30%, 20% when split into 3 awards).

To quickly specify the same split configuration across lots, either check the box next to multiple lots, or click the ‘check all’ box to the left of the ‘Lot’ heading and select ‘All rows’. Then, select an option from the ‘Bulk set the selected lots:’ drop-down field at the top of the screen.
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