Invite: Bidder Management

Use this screen to add and manage bidders for your sourcing event.

Figure 1: Bidder Invitation Overview

There are two ways to add bidders:

  • Manually: Press the green "Add a bidder" button. A form will appear prompting you for an organisation name and the details for the organisation's contact. All that is needed is an organisation name (the contact details can be added at a later stage). Note that the organisation name field provides autocomplete for existing organisations (in the current event).
  • By Uploading a List of Bidders: To bulk import bidders, press the "Download the bidder list file" link in the "Upload" panel on the right hand side of the screen. This will generate an Excel template for you, which you can use to populate your bidders. Once saved, you can upload your changes by dragging the file into the grey box marked for uploads.
Although individual contacts can be deleted at any stage of the event life cycle, entire organisations can only be deleted if the event is still in draft mode. Deleting a contact will revoke their access to the event.
Note that creating a contact will not automatically invite them to the event. The invitation of contacts is a separate step that must be performed manually using the Send invites control located above the contacts table.


To send individual invitations, or to delete or edit individual contacts or organisations, press the "..." button to the right of the contact as shown in figure 1.0 below.

Figure 2.0: To edit or delete organisations or contacts, use the menu to the right of the contact name.


To send invitations to all contacts, click the checkbox next to "Organization" header and click "Send invites". See figure 2.0 below.

Figure 3.0: Sending invites to selected contacts using the "Send invites" control.

To withdraw bidder access to an event, either select the contacts and then press the "..." control next to the "Send invites" button, or delete the contacts individually as previously shown in figure 1.0.

When an invitation is sent for an event not yet published, the bidder will see the following message next to the event name: This event is not open to bidders yet.
If you inadvertently used the wrong email address for a bidder organization, simply delete the contact and then re-create it using the corrected email address.

Invite Status

The "Status" column gives you information regarding the status of an invitation. When you send the invitation(s), the status is "Invited". If an invitation is accepted, this status will change to"Accepted". Invitations that have been declined will have a status of "Rejected" while email invitations that bounced will display "Failed" (please check the email address for spelling errors).

Status Report

You can also download a status report displaying the invitation status by bidder organization and contact name. It also displays the date and time stamp for each sent invitation. Click the "Download the bidder list file" link in the "Upload" panel on the right hand side of the screen

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