Invite: Bidder Management

Use this screen to add and manage bidders for your sourcing event.

There are two ways to add bidders:

  • Manually: Enter a company name in the ‘Organization name’ box and click ‘Add bidder’. Then, click on the ‘Email address’ field for this company and enter an email address. Keelvar will prompt you if the email address format is incorrect.
  • By Uploading a List of Bidders: First, create a simple Excel file with company names in column A and the corresponding email addresses in column B. Then, save the file in the .CSV format.

    From this screen, upload the file by clicking ‘Upload’, clicking ‘Upload’ once more and then selecting and opening your file.

To add a bidder to a live event, the event must first be Paused, and then the bidder can be added by manually entering in the company name and email, or you can upload a list of bidders

To delete a bidder, check the box next to the Organization name, and click the ‘Delete bidder’ button.

To send invitations to all companies, click the checkbox next to ‘Organization name’ (the “check all” box) and click ‘Send invite’.

To withdraw an invitation, check the box next to the company name, and click the ‘Withdraw invite’ button.

When an invitation is sent for an event not yet published, the bidder will see the following message next to the event name: This event is not open to bidders yet.
If you inadvertently used the wrong email address for a bidder organization, simply withdraw the invitation and then enter a new email address. Note that this is only allowed as long as the contact hasn’t accepted the invitation.

Invite Status

The 'Invite status' column gives you information regarding the status of an invitation. When you send the invitation(s), the status is 'Sent'. If an invitation is accepted, it will provide the name of the person accepting at the bidder organization. Invitations that have been declined will have a status of 'Rejected' while email invitations that bounced will display 'Delivery Failed' (please check the email address for spelling errors).

Status Report

You can also download a status report displaying the invitation status by bidder organization and contact name. It also displays the date and time stamp for each sent invitation, and informs you whether the primary contact at a bidder organization has added team members. Click the 'Download Report' button at the top right to download this Excel-based report.

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