Publish: Publish Event

Once you've created lots and attributes, built a cost formula, and adjusted the event settings, you should be ready to publish the event. This means that bidders will have access to the event (i.e., they can click 'Open' next to the event name).

If the start date and time occur after the publication date (e.g., you publish the event today but the event opens tomorrow) then the bidders will have access to the event (e.g., view questions and lots) but won’t be able to enter bids. The bidders will see a ‘Time until bidding opens’ countdown clock.
If bidders can enter their bids offline, then you’ll also see a ‘Download’ option on this screen. Click the ‘Download’ button to review the Excel version of the bid sheet.

There are three steps to take on this screen:

  1. Click ‘Validate Event’. Sourcing Optimizer will conduct some basic checks (e.g., validate that the event has at least one lot and a cost formula exists) to ensure your event is complete. It will also check to see if you have set a start date and time.
  2. Once you see the ‘Event is ready for publication.’ message click ‘Publish’. If you publish without setting a start date and time, the event will open immediately.

    If you publish without inviting all of your bidders, then you'll receive the following notification:
    Unsent invitations: You have not yet sent all event invitations. Do you want to send them now?

    Click 'Send' to invite them.

If you publish with an error or wish to unpublish, you have the option to 'Unpublish' the round. This will put the event back into a 'Draft' state and inaccessible to bidders.

Once you have validated your event, you can view the bid sheet that will be available to bidders before publish by clicking the 'Download' button at the bottom of the screen (see fig 1).

Figure 1: Validate and Publish Event
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