Evaluate: Incumbency

Use this screen to specify incumbents by lot.

There are two ways to accomplish this task:

  • Online: For each lot, select an incumbent from the drop-down list. If an incumbent is missing, add the organization from the 'Bidder Management' task under the 'Invite' step.
  • Offline: Download the list of lots using the 'Download' button and select the incumbents in Excel. The worksheet can be uploaded using the 'Upload' button once the selections have been made.

Furthermore, a column selector (icon to the left of 'Download' in Figure 1) can be used to display more details about the lot, such as category, location, etc. The downloaded Excel sheet will also display the selected columns.

To filter on a column, type a value in the 'Filter...' cell below the column heading.

Incumbency information, once created, can be used in scenarios. See the 'Business Rules' article for more details.

Figure 1: 'Incumbency' Screen
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