Evaluate: Lot Groups

Lot groups are useful for quickly defining the scope of a rule (e.g., Limit the number of winners to 2 for Business Unit X and 4 for Business Unit Y, where “Business Unit X” and “Business Unit Y” are lot groups with filtered lots for Business Unit X and Y respectively).

Follow these steps to create a lot group (see Figure 1 for an example):

  1. Click '+ Add lot group'
  2. Click on the newly created label 'New Lot Group' and change the name to something descriptive
  3. Click ‘Edit’ to the far right of the Lot Group (notice that clicking on the down arrow button allows you to delete or view the lot group filter results)
  4. Create a filter for the lots you’re grouping:
    1. Click 'Add Filter'
    2. Select an attribute from the ‘Column’ drop-down field (e.g., "Location")
    3. Choose an operator from the next column (see below for a list of operators by attribute type)
    4. Enter or select a value (or values, if using "is one of" or "is not one of" operators)
    5. Click 'Apply changes'

Note the following:

  • The filtered lots appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Note that you can add more filters to the one you already added to further refine your results. Click ‘Add Filter’ to add another filter row.
  • Use the ‘Columns’ button next to the 'Filter results' heading to show additional columns
  • If you need to delete a filter, click the trash bin icon on the far right of the filter

Available Operators for Number and Currency Attributes

  • is
  • is not
  • less than
  • less than or equal to
  • greater than
  • greater than or equal to

Available Operators for Text Attributes

  • is
  • is not
  • contains
  • is not empty
You can also use the "is" or "is not" operators if you'd like to select multiple values from a list.


Figure 1: Lot Group Example. Groups contains lanes with origin "Cork" and destination "Shanghai".

Filters can be copied across to different Lot Groups. Click the edit button next to the filter, select copy and choose the Lot group you wish to copy the filter to (shown below)

Figure 2: Copy filters across Lot Groups
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