Analyze: Scenario Analysis

Use this screen to select the scenario for which you'd like to view allocation results. You can also select 'Previous round results' to view the results from the awarded scenario in the previous round.

Figure 1: Scenario Selection 
  • To compare two scenarios, select one scenario from the 'View' drop-down field and another scenario from the 'Compare to' drop-down field
  • Cells shaded in red denote lots where the comparison scenario costs more than the original scenario. Cells shaded in green denote the lots where the comparison scenario costs less than the original scenario.
  • If you mapped an attribute to 'Historical Price' from the 'Bid Sheet Design' screen, then click 'Show historical prices' to see this information as a column
  • Click 'Download report' to download a report packet containing the following information (one report per worksheet):
    • Scenario Summary – Displays the number of constraints, lots awarded, winners, and total cost by scenario, for all scenarios evaluated up to that point
    • Raw Bids – As the name implies, it displays all the bids – with all cost components – by bidder and lot
    • Allocations – Displays the allocations for all scenarios, with the lot name, bidder name, pre- and post-discount costs, and discounts applied
    • Winning Rate Card – This is a smart worksheet, allowing you to change the scenario that you’d like to view. It presents a view similar to ‘Allocations’, but with more detail, including all the bid attribute values per lot for the allocated bidder. Historical pricing is also displayed, if available.
    • Scenario Comparison – Lots – This is similar to the ‘Allocations’ sheet, except that you can compare two scenarios side-by-side. Use the ‘Select Baseline Scenario’ and ‘Select Alternate Scenario’ drop-down fields to make your selections
    • Scenario Comparison – Bidders – Compare two scenarios side-by-side to view the number of lots allocated by bidder, along with the pre- and post-discount costs per bidder, and any discounts applied. Use the ‘Select Baseline Scenario’ and ‘Select Alternate Scenario’ drop-down fields to make your selections.
  • Click the down-arrow icon next to 'Download report' to download a 'Bid Summary' report for a given scenario. It displays information such as the number of bids per lot and the bid value per lot for each supplier. Furthermore, it identifies tie bids per lot.
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