How do I place surrogate bids?

The purchaser can bid on behalf of a bidder when a round is in progress or after a round has closed. After a round has closed, any existing scenarios will be reset and you will need to re-evaluate them. Once a round is awarded, it is not possible to update bids on the awarded round.

A surrogate bid allows additional flexibility that a bidder may not currently have and as such care should be taken when surrogate bidding. Surrogate bidding will implicitly override these settings:

- Reject Partial Bids

- Bid Increase

- Zero and Negative bidding

- Bid Change Limit

- Minimum bid decrements



Go to the 'Bidder Activity' screen, select 'Open' next to that bidder, and then go to the 'Bid Sheet' tab. You'll have the same options to place bids as seen by the bidder (online, offline, or both).

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