Invite: Starting Bids

If the ‘Starting Bids’ event setting is enabled, then the ‘Starting Bids’ sub-step will appear under the ‘Invite’ step. Starting bids can be configured for each bidder prior to the event being published, and bidders cannot place a bid that exceeds the starting bid for a lot (it serves as a ceiling).

The ‘Starting Bids’ screen is also used to enter values for ‘Purchaser with Bidder specific values’ attributes.

Choose a bidder using the drop-down field at the top left. Then, click ‘Enable bidding’ (‘Online’ bid entry enabled) and/or ‘Offline bidding’ – ‘Download’ (‘Offline’ bid entry enabled) to enter the bids. For offline bids, use the ‘Offline bidding’ – ‘Upload’ button to upload the bids.

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