Analyze: Bid Analysis

The ‘Bid Analysis’ screen displays bids across rounds, by lot and bidder.

At the top of the screen, you can filter the bids based on the following displayed columns: Round, Lot, Bidder, Value, and Adjusted Value

Enter values in the ‘filter by…’ box for a column or quickly filter on bids by clicking on a value, such as Lot L002 in the example below.

Figure 1: Bid Analysis Filter

Note the pagination. You may need to adjust the number of bids displayed, or click on a page number to view additional bids.

To view all the bids offline, click ‘Download’ to download and view the ‘Bidding Analysis’ report.

Click the 'Round Chart' tab on this screen to view a graphical representation of the data. Use the filters at the top left to select the bidder(s) and lot(s). Use the drop-down at the top right to specify whether the chart shows bid values, adjusted bid values, or the number of lots with bids.

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