Award: Winning Outcome

The ‘Award’ task allows you to select a “winning” scenario for feedback purposes (e.g., in the second round, the bidders will see ‘Winning’ information such as the lots they’re winning, the winning bid values, traffic light feedback, etc.), as long as that feedback is enabled in ‘Event Settings’. This screen is also used to schedule additional rounds of negotiation, and to end the event when the final round is complete.

  • Selecting a winning scenario:
    Pick a scenario from the ‘Choose a winning scenario’ drop-down field and click ‘Choose’. The page now displays:
    Winning Scenario: [Scenario You Chose]
If you want to un-award the scenario, you can click the 'Undo'. 
  • To schedule another round use the "Edit event schedule" link to configure a new round via the Schedule screen. The link only becomes visible once you select a winning scenario.
  • ...or finish the event by pressing the "Close the event" link. Again, this link only becomes visible after you select a winning scenario.
By default, a round announcement email is sent to all bidders when scheduling the round. Disable the 'Send round announcement email to bidders' option in the event settings if you do not want emails sent by Sourcing Optimizer.
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