September 2016 Release

The September 2016 release offers additional flexibility improvements such as the ability to re-open a round, update a cost formula, and conduct surrogate bidding after an RFQ round closes. Please read below for more details on these improvements and other features.

Ability to Re-Open a Round

Users can now re-open an RFQ round after it's closed. This may be required to allow tardy bidders the opportunity to submit their bids and responses. Go to the 'Bidding Management' screen to see this option.

Figure 1: Re-Open RFQ Round

Ability to Update the Cost Formula While an Event is Paused

Users can update the cost formula while the event is in a paused state. Upon resuming the round, all bid values will be re-calculated and scenario results will be cleared. These actions ensure that all values reflect the cost formula changes.

Surrogate Bidding Allowed Even After RFQ Round Close

Previously, users could only place surrogate bids while a round was paused but not yet closed. Now, even after a round closes, users can go to the 'Bidder Activity' screen, select a bidder, and enter surrogate bids.

Other Enhancements

This release also contains the following enhancements:

  • Before resuming an event, Sourcing Optimizer will validate all changes made while the event was paused.
  • Attributes used in the cost formula can now be updated while an event is paused.
  • Keelvar support information is now provided in both event invitations and on the 'Overview' screen on the bidder side.
  • Exchange rates can be updated while an event is paused.
  • The email invitation includes additional references to the purchaser organization.
  • A new report, Bid Summary, is available from the 'Scenario Results' screen (Figure 2). This Excel-based report displays - per scenario - bid coverage information per lot, information about the winning bids, and pricing for the other bidders.
Figure 2: New Bid Summary Report
  • For the following rule types, user can now easily create a rule that applies per attribute value (e.g., 1 winner per category, where category is a column/attribute):
    • Number of Winners
    • Individual Bidder Winnings
    • Award Lots To A Group Of Bidders
    The user just needs to select 'From column' in the section 'Lots this rule will be applied to' and then select the attribute name (Figure 3).
Figure 3: 'From Column' Option
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