November 2016 Release

This article summarizes the major features and enhancements introduced in the November 2016 release.

Bid Sheet Import Supports .xlsx Format

Previously, users were restricted to importing Bid Sheet Design files that were in the .csv file format. Now, users can use the more flexible .xlsx file format, which allows formatting. Please open existing Bid Sheet Design files in Excel and use the 'File - 'Save As...' option to save them an .xlsx files.

Users Can Place Surrogate RFI Responses

Previously, users could only place surrogate bids while an event is paused. Now, users can also enter RFI responses on behalf of bidders if the event has an RFI component.

New Traffic Light Feedback Option Based on Proximity to Feedback Target

In the Event Settings screen, users now have two additional options under the Traffic Light Feedback setting. These options can only be selected if an attribute has been mapped to 'Feedback Target' on the Bid Sheet Design screen. The options are:

  • Calculate feedback based on proximity to target: The traffic light color displayed is based on how close the bid is to the feedback target (e.g., up to 5% of the target is green).
  • Calculate feedback on rank once target is met: Displays a red icon if the feedback target hasn't been met. Once met, it uses the feedback colors based on rank.
Figure 1: Feedback Based on Proximity to Target

Bid Change Limit Validation Now Applies to Bundle Bids

Previously, the bid change limit only applied to lot bids. Now, it also applies to lots in all-or-nothing bundle bids. For example, if the bid change limit is 25% then a revised lot bid of $70,000 in a bundle will not be accepted if the original bid is $100,000 (30% reduction exceeds the 25% limit). 

New Minimum Bid Decrement Setting for Bundle Bids

For bundle bids in RFQ events, if a bid decrement has been mapped, users can select a new bundle satisfaction criterion: Satisfy decrement on sum over all lots

For example, assume the following:

  • Lot A has a minimum bid decrement of $100
  • Lot B has a minimum bid decrement of $200
  • Lot A and Lot B are the only lots in an all-or-nothing bundle

If 'Satisfy decrement on sum over all lots' is selected, then a bidder can meet the bundle satisfaction criterion by adjusting the bid value for a lot in the bundle by $300 (the sum of the minimum bid decrements for all lots in the bundle).

Figure 2: Satisfy Decrement on Sum over All Lots

Cost Calculation Now Supports Special Attributes

Purchaser-entered special attributes such as Reserve Price, Historical Cost and Feedback Target are now available for selection on the Cost Calculation screen.

Figure 3: Special Attributes Available for Use in Cost Formulas

Other Enhancements

Other enhancements include:

  • Secondary cost functions will get copied when cloning an event.
  • The 'Questions' sheet on the bidder side now provides messaging on why the bid sheet is locked (e.g., "To access the bid sheet, you must: Answer all mandatory questions").
  • A confirmation message with the following message is shown when a user clicks 'Delete bidder': "Deleting this bidder will also delete any associated bids and RFI responses. Do you want to continue?"
  • A new option for bundle bids has been added, 'Bundle Bids Require Lot Bids'. If enabled, bidders will not be allowed to create bundle bids unless evaluated bids exist for all lots in the bundle.
  • The bid sheets used to enter starting bids and view uploaded bids for offline bidding events have new formatting.
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