February 2018 release

The Keelvar team are excited to bring you advanced RFI functionality as part of our February release. Before we cover RFI, lets check out some other updates first...


We received a great response to our Messaging feature since it went live. We have added some suggested improvements into this release. It is now possible to quickly select a group of bidders to broadcast a message based off some predefined filters. Select bidders who are not blocked or who have not logged in recently to quickly send a message to them.


A new information icon has been added to let you know if your message remains unread by a bidding organisation. As soon as a user in the bidding organisation reads your message the icon will disappear. Helpful in identifying what bidders are engaging and up to date with the latest communication.


Column descriptions

You can now add additional description text for a bid sheet column. Keep the column name concise and add pertinent information into the description field. 


Once set, it will appear in the online bid sheet and also in any bid sheet downloaded from the system.



Last bidder access

The bidder activity report now has a column indicating when a bidder was last active on your event.


Quick edit of column precision

The ability to quickly edit column precision has been added to the Columns view. You can now quickly review and edit all your column precisions without having to got into the detail of each column.



The RFI feature has undergone a major overhaul, adding new functionality and enhancing the user experience.

An Overview tab provides a summary of your RFI and allows upload of RFI questions from a structured Excel file. Just download the template to get started in Excel and use the Upload option to import questions. Alternatively, you can copy RFI questions from another event. This offers an easy way to run repeat RFIs from a set of template questions.


We have added major new functionality to question editing.

  • Create you own Categories allowing questions to be organised into logical buckets. The bidder can easily filter questions based on a category.
  • Allow bidders to provide comments on question responses.
  • Add one or more sub-questions to a question.
  • Easily import long lists of choices for single choice and multiple choice questions.
  • Specify an optional Identifier on a question where you need something other than a question number to identify it.
  • Easily move questions


A purchaser Preview tab allows you to see the RFI as a bidder would. You can interact with the question by filtering on categories and adding test responses to questions. Bidders will be shown a completeness checklist indicating the number of questions answered and if all gating and mandatory questions have been responded to. When a question requires a file upload response, bidders can now attach multiple files to a single question.


As always, we have been making smaller improvements and fixing bugs.

Want to see the updates in action? Watch a release webinar covering this functionality recorded in February 2018.

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