Editing "Custom award" scenario rules

Use this page to hand pick the winners for lots and combine scenario's. 

Manual Override

Figure 1: Share column selection

This feature allows users to manually hand pick winners for lots using specified shares in a bid sheet column. Click the drop-down arrow to select the column that specifies the shares to be awarded. Note that this column must be bidder specific with numeric values (See Fig 1). 

Combine Scenario

This feature allows the user to embed results from other scenarios into this scenario. For example, there may already be an evaluated scenario (Scenario A) that allocates business for lots 1 and 2 to preferred suppliers, but doesn't include any other lots (3, 4, and 5). By including Scenario A (and not allowing any changes) into your scenario, the system will evaluate lots 3, 4, and 5 only and use the Scenario A results for lots 1 and 2. Users can select the preferred scenario to combine by clicking in the 'Select a scenario' section, which will present a drop down with available evaluated scenarios to choose from (See figure below).

Figure 2: Combined scenario selection

As another example, shortest delivery time may be more important than cost for some lots. If you create a cost-based scenario that uses the delivery time as a scenario to combine, the system will show the cost of selecting an award strategy that favors delivery time.

Users can also specify how many lots the current scenario will override the combined scenario. By default, the combined scenario will overwrite all lots. For example, by selecting 'At least 3', this tells the system that at least 3 lots should be calculated using the current scenario instead of the combined scenario.

Figure 3: Specify combined scenario override
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