How to Apply Volume Discounts to your Bid

Bundle bidding allows discounts to be applied to a group of lots. Bidders can create multiple bundles consisting of various lots. 

Volume discounts allow tiered discounts to be applied based on the number of lots, or the amount of business won in a bundle of lots.

Tiered discounts can be added to your bid by carrying out the following steps:

Log into Keelvar app, click on the blue ‘Discounts' tab at the bottom of the screen as shown below:

Figure 1: Bundle Bidding tab

The next step is to click the ‘Create bundle’ button, provide a name for the bundle, and then select the lots you wish to include in the bundle, and then click ‘Save bundle’ (Fig 2 & 3):

Figure 2: Create bundle tab
Figure 3: Create bundle

If you wish to further edit your bundle, you can click the ‘Edit Bundle’ button.

Once you are satisfied with the bundle created, click the green ‘Enable Bidding’ button to add your discounts.

Figure 4: Enable Discount bidding

Under the ‘Criteria’ tab, you can choose how you wish to offer your discounts. You can offer your discounts based on the number of lots awarded, or the amount of volume awarded.

Figure 5: Discount Criteria

The 'Threshold' column allows the input of the amount of lots from your bundle you will include in the discount, and the ‘Discount(%)’ column allows the input of the % discount that will be offered for those lots.

E.g. In the figure below (Fig 6), I have chosen ‘Number of lots awarded’ as my preferred method of discounts. My first tier discount indicates that if I am awarded 3 of the 6 lots in my bundle, I will offer a 2% discount on those lots. My second tier discount indicates that if I am awarded 5 of the 6 lots in my bundle, then I will offer a 5% discount on those lots.

Figure 6: Submitted discount bids

Once you have added your applicable discounts, click the ‘Submit changes’ button.

If you wish to add another bundle, click the ‘Create bundle’ button and carry out the same steps previously shown. If you wish to delete your discounts, click the ‘Discard Discount’ button on the right hand side, this will remove your discounts from the bundle.

Figure 7: Volume Discount overview


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